Re-arrange Categories View

Currently, the “categories” view is split 50-50 for “Category” and “Latest” (as in the picture). How can I make it to 30-70, and make the “Topics” column disappear?

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Try adding this to your theme under desktop CSS

.category-list.with-topics {
  .category {
    width: 30%;
  .topics {
    display: none;
  .latest {
    padding-left: 0;

It will change this

to this


It works well on Desktop view, however, on mobile view, the “Category” now also be reduced to 30%. How to keep it as original for the mobile view?

Did you actually add the CSS to the Desktop CSS so it won’t impact the mobile view?

It sounds like you put it under Common or somewhere else.


Thanks! Work like a charm now!

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