Rebuild fails due to missing gem

Hello Friends,

I added a plugin to my website and when i want to re-build am getting error as below:

Please help

“scroll up and look for earlier error messages”

What do they say?


In fact am looking at hundreds lines of codes i cant locate the error !!

any suggestions?

I just log again to the server through putty and i can see something that says
156 packages can be updated
70 updates are security updates

I dont if this is useful

Do you need help getting your site back online, or help getting the plugin to work?

Here’s what I’d do:

  • Getting the site online: remove the plugin from containers/app.yml and rebuild.
  • Getting the plugin to work: make sure the plugin is current (and not made for an old version of Discourse), and ask the plugin author for help.

I need my website back online !
i removed the plugin but am still getting the error same as i shared above, now my website is offline unfortunately.
the rebuild is failing.

Instead of pasting pictures of text, I strongly recommend pasting the actual text logs so we can take a look at them.


This is something i dont know :wink::wink: please direct me because Ctrl and C does other thing in putty

What’s the output of the following?

df -h
du -hs /var/discourse/shared/standalone/p*

My guess is that you had a problem with upgrading postgres. And I guess further that the upgrade failed because you ran out of disk space. If that’s correct, and you’re on Digital Ocean, you need to

  • add a volume big enough to hold 4X your database (you need 3X and a bit more to make the math less critical–500GB is < ten cents an hour).
  • move the database to the volume
  • reconfigure app.yml to use the volume for the database
  • run the upgrade
  • move the database back to the (faster) SSD
  • switch app.yml back to having data on SSD
  • remove volume

I’m very busy this week and am losing all day Thursday to travel. If my assessment above is
it’s an emergency and you want me to drop everything to fix it, I’ll do it for $600. You can pay for 4 hours of time here. See this page for instructions to install my ssh keys on your server.

You can email

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Thanks for your reply, in fact am on vultr, and my website is new with 100 members and 120 posts only, i made a backup of my website few days ago and found its only 36MB, we are running on vultr with 2CPU and 4Gb ram and 60GB storage.

This is what i know until now.

In that case, it should be much easier than I described. I’ll do it for half the previous offer. Email for me to do it, or provide the full output of the rebuild so that someone else can help you.

Am trying to past the output but its long more than 40000 characters !!:disappointed_relieved:

I, [2018-04-10T20:54:58.729171 #14]  INFO -- : > cd /var/www/discourse && su dis                                                                                        course -c 'bundle exec rake db:migrate'
rake aborted!
Gem::MissingSpecError: Could not find 'mime-types' (>= 1.6) among 260 total gem(s)
Checked in 'GEM_PATH=/var/www/discourse/vendor/bundle/ruby/2.4.0', execute `gem env` for more information
/var/www/discourse/lib/plugin_gem.rb:18:in `load'

The output as above.

Thanks in advance.

Please use or some other service for large pastes… posting that much log content here is abusive.

All you need do is search for the word “error” in your log and copy out that plus 5 lines above and below, which I have done for you and edited your post.


Thank you so much, sorry for that.
what i can do now to solve this problem ? please advice.

My website is down since yesterday, so please help me to fix it.

I’d be interested in your app.yml, especially which plugins you are adding to your discourse site.

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## Plugins go here
## see for details
    - exec:
        cd: $home/plugins
          - git clone

          - git clone

          - git clone

          - git clone

          - git clone

the plugins

What happens on a rebuild if you comment out/remove the plugins one by one until only docker_manager is left?


Lets try that…