Recent update removed icon flair from all users

I’m not sure what happened. I recently did an upgrade and now I notice that the flairs from users have been removed. People can still reconfigure this, and then it’s fixed. But people have to do this themselves. I’m the only admin and I haven’t messed with any settings recently. The only thing I recently did was this upgrade.

So if it’s upgrade related, I would say that more people would face this issue. Anyone else noticed this? If not, then it’s probably just an incident and I’m the unlucky one :slight_smile:



Sorry for the issue. This appeared after we introduced a feature that lets user select their flair independent of their primary group.

A fix is already present in our codebase and you can update your Discourse instance to resolve the problem.


I did an update just now, but I haven’t seen any changes. I’ll try later this week again. Thanks for the quick fix and reply!

Edit: Ah, I see I was too quick with updating. I now see this pending commit in my updates: FIX: Set user flair group to primary group by nbianca · Pull Request #13718 · discourse/discourse · GitHub Thanks!


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