Recent Upgrade, Now Re-launch server issue?

Literally offline now, so help as soon as possible would be amazing. :upside_down_face: I’ve relaunched my server probably 40 times now and this time, I’m getting an error I’ve never had before:

When I ran that doctor command it mentions there, a “serious problem” was:

app not running!
Attempting to rebuild
Discourse version at NOT FOUND
Discourse version at localhost: NOT FOUND

But I mean, my site was running perfectly fine before I tried to rebuild it, so are those just showing since it shut it down when running the rebuild command? Restarting my VPS didn’t help. @RGJ

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What plugins are you using?

Can you give more context? What’s above the error in your screenshot? If you can paste text rather than a picture of it, it’ll be searchable and easier to read.

Under most conditions, you should be able to restart your site with ./launcher start app. But if rebooting the VPS didn’t do that, then it might have migrated the database such that it won’t work.

The start app command did get my site back running last night for now. But that’s just a band-aid, right? Since it isn’t rebuilding the site? I’m using everything that I used before. The only difference in plugins I added were the post reactions one and the Newsletter one. But I tried removing them one at a time and then both but the site still wouldn’t launch. And there’s no whitespace or anything in the app.yml file.

Like a band-aid. It stops the bleeding and lets you get on with your life. Your site is functioning, which is what you want right now, right?

Unlike a band-aid, you are not going to heal without something else changing, so yes, your site isn’t upgraded.

Hmm. That’s coming from pups, which makes me think there’s an error in your YML, but you say that you didn’t change it, so that doesn’t make sense.

Or did this error appear when you added those plugins?

Edited above post with full doctor log.

Ummm, yeah, the site never had issues building before until I added those 2 plugins, but like I said, removing them one-by-one and then both (AKA having the original app.yml file that worked fine) still didn’t work…So weird.

That’s consistent with your making an error in your YML file. YML is incredibly picky about spaces and tabs. You can try pasting it in to some YML validator site, though it’s likely hard for you to be able to copy and paste it reliably.

I’ve gone through it about 10 times now, but I can comb through it again I guess. Before adding the plugins to it, I made a backup of it, which is the version that worked totally fine. But now isn’t. And yeah, also used a YML validator too.

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That suggests that there is either there is some new error in pups or you’ve somehow edited your backup file. Neither of those seems very likely.

There is whitespace in the file. You have whitespace at the beginning of a bunch of lines, as it’s required. A typical problem is that you have tabs instead of spaces, but it sounds like that’s not what has happened.

I’m about out of ideas that I can provide here.