Redundant 'New Topic' option appears alongside post-voting toggle

When the plugin is installed, and when you click the “+” and then “post voting”, you’ll be able to compose the discussion with the expected post voting format. Plugin works fine and no errors.

However, when you click the “+” sign in the composer again, then the “post voting”button will be toggled to “remove post voting”.
I see that is unnecessary to toggle as at that time both “usual discussion” post making button and the “remove post voting” button will do the same (they both will do the action of selecting the “usual discussion”). The user will be confused why there are two buttons with different names that does the same thing. I believe if there’s no significant purpose, that behaviour should be removed as it serves no function than confusion.

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I’m not sure I’m following? Could you provide a screenshot of what you mean?

scenario: go to a main category → click the “+New topic” button displayed at the top of the category → Creating new ordinary topic (not a linked one) → then decided to make it post voting → clicked “Post voting” → decided to make it back to normal topic post → then clicked the “+” to change → now you see the two buttons in the picture.

At this state, both of these “New topic” and “Remove post voting” buttons will do the same thing. I tried creating posts and it does the same action: Turning the voting post --> ordinary topic post. Am I missing something here?

(Further, although the first button says “create a new topic linked to this topic” etc, we’re not inside a topic and not trying to create a linked post, I believe the text of the first button is also misleading here)

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Hmm. :thinking: Yeah, that shouldn’t be there.

Interestingly, I can repro on, but not on my test site.

Let’s split this off so we can take a closer look. :+1:

Thank you for taking prompt actions on the issue :slight_smile:
I cloned the plugin from git through the official link, it has the issue. Further as you mentioned, it’s also reproducible from the demo site.

However, my main issue was about the two buttons doing the same action.
The “reply as linked topic” appearing is a minor issue tbh.

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Here at meta you also get the option to reply as a linked topic when you want to start a new one.

So I think it is not only an issue with post voting. Replying as a linked topic when you decided to start a new topic so there is no linked topic is irritating.

By the way: I closed this post draft and chose save for later and navigated to homepage to check the new topic option again and the it offers options ecen more options that seem wrong there


I can repro it on my test site now as well, though at first only with a test user who doesn’t have the Shared Draft option - and then with an Admin when I disable Shared Drafts.

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Okay *deep breath* - After a little consultation, I think there may be a few things going on here…

The first is that the ‘New Topic’ option in the menu is intended to show the current ‘mode’ of the topic, and had the wrong explainer description ‘Create a new topic linked to this topic’ included:

New Topic

This should hopefully be tidied up with:

('New Topic' menu option has wrong description)

However, it is arguably a redundant option even with the right description if there’s no other state the topic can be in. :man_shrugging:

(Why is there a 'New Topic' option in the composer menu when creating a topic?)

The original point about it appearing alongside the Post Voting toggle is also a valid one. :+1: For other things you can toggle on and off, like Shared Drafts or Staff Alias, it would show one or the other depending on what mode you were in (and would suppress that extra option if any of those features were enabled and available to the person creating the topic):

remove post voting

I think we need to make the Post Voting toggle behave in the same way as the others. :+1:

Lastly, the point @Moin raises about creating a New Topic from the main page and inheriting the options from the previous reply:

inherited reply options

(New Topic composer menu inherits previous 'reply' options)

I think we need to split these into different topics so we can track them better. I’ll revert this one to be about the original post-voting toggle, and split off the others. :+1: