Remap command issues

Hi, I am moving to
I have updated the DNS, email and app.yml to new domain
how can I run the discourse remap command
it shows,

discourse:command not found

rake is also not working for me to remap the site

Did you follow the guide correctly?

You have to be running the command inside the discourse docker container

./launcher enter app

Yes, I followed the instruction

./launcher enter app

download the files of discourse, and then I type discourse remap, bundle exec rake & rake rebake command it shows

discourse: command not found
/usr/share/rubygems-integration/all/gems/bundler-2.3.5/lib/bundler/rubygems_integration.rb:331:in `block in replace_bin_path': can't find executable rake for gem rake. rake is not currently included in the bundle, perhaps you meant to add it to your Gemfile? (Gem::Exception)
        from /usr/share/rubygems-integration/all/gems/bundler-2.3.5/lib/bundler/rubygems_integration.rb:359:in `block in replace_bin_path'
        from /usr/bin/rake:25:in `<main>'
rake aborted!
No Rakefile found (looking for: rakefile, Rakefile, rakefile.rb, Rakefile.rb)
/usr/share/rubygems-integration/all/gems/rake-13.0.6/exe/rake:27:in `<top (required)>'
(See full trace by running task with --trace)

I believe You’re not entering the app somehow. Could you please share a screenshot of what it shows after the downloading etc is complete once do

./launcher enter app


You’re out of disk space and hence it didn’t really let you in the docker container.

You’ll need probably have to increase the disk size on your server.

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ohk will reduce things down and then try again

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