Remove emojis from Open graph meta tags (title and description) but not url!

Since the share to Facebook does not show any emojis but only show text like “smile”
I think we need to remove it and replace it with an empty string

Unfortunately, I’m not a ruby guy, but I think we need to add code in this file In function crawlable_meta_data and use opts[property].gsub('/:\S*:/','')

maybe this can also help to replace the emojis code with Unicode??

Remember that we only need to change the title and description, but not the URL

Can you please help? :smile:


Sorry, I am not understanding what you wrote here. Can you share screenshots?

He means things like this:


Focus :white_check_mark: Improve usability and design of password reset page. :white_check_mark: “Get a room” reminder sent once per topic, to any user who replies to the same user in that topic 3 times in a row. :white_check_mark: Much more secure cookie and token rotation scheme and database storage, upgrading to 1.8 is critical for improved db / cookie security :white_check_mark: Improve usability and design of invite accept page. “Secure email mode” site setting ensures that no conten…

He doesn’t want :white_check_mark:, he wants blank or ✓


Oh right, we should pass that through the reverse Emoji-to-Unicode-Emoji replacer. @neil can you confer with @sam as he wrote a function to do that?