Remove "Trust Level" and "Groups" from Profile

I was looking to remove the following from all user profiles in order to disable the viewing of groups and trust levels by users. Is this something that would be plausible to do with a theme component?

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Yes but I should advise that those fields will still be available in the API.


Thank you! That’s good to know - shouldn’t be an issue though. Do you think that inserting this into Common would do the trick?

    #dt.groups {

(altering for each, etc)

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<dt> is not an id so you’d want to do dt.groups but yes that is the right approach.

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If you add this on your CSS will work, I tested on my site:

.details .secondary .trust-level {display:none!important;}

When you mean “the groups”, what info do you need to hide?
Can you please put a screenshot ?


Thank you @SidV! I will try that now. :slight_smile: I was referring to the groups/trust levels here on the user profile:

This worked with .groups as well!

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