Renaming discourse installation URL

I am trying to follow this

But I can’t rename my discourse installation…

It would be cool if there as an integrated feature in the WEB interface to do it for " less technical" people.

What’s preventing you from doing this?

The URL is needed while the app is rebuilt, which is why this is necessary.

Discourse is an application, not a simple website. Assuming you used the official install instructions the process to change URL is no more complex than the installation process.

Sorry for my question that is not clear. ( I speak french )

I want to change the URL but it doesn’t work when following up those steps…

Are there any errors? What happens when you try?

ok now it,s not working with the old URL neither the new.
I will try to put it back functionnal, and then, follow again the steps to rename it and provide you the errors it was giving…

Sorry for the lack of details… Working on that :wink:


The old name I want to change is :

New one :


Are you trying to change URL without specifying an SMTP username and password?

You will need to specify them again during setup, they can’t be blank.

My previous installation, if I am not lost, didn’t have one as the SMTP Server I am using is not using a PW to allow the discourse IP to relay…

But, I will put one to see how it goes…

Is a valid SMTP server? Working email is a prerequisite for running Discourse.

Yes the smtp server was working well with my previous instsallation
I am trying to run setup and it’s not asking for the username anymore…Weird…Just the password…

trying to edit the app.yml myself
and rebuild after

I did it tks for your help ! !!!

Was tough but now working

Now I just need to fix my FaceBook and Google autentication…
Hope people won’t have to create new accounts…

I will need to change the url in the Google and Facebook API…

I suppose all users will have to register again ?

The problem is that the SMTP username/password cannot be empty.

If it’s something else, then you can rm containers/app.yml and then run ./discourse-setup again.

EDIT: Oh, you did that. Maybe I had this page open in my browser and didn’t notice the other post?

Looks like he’s past that stage.

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Are you talking about the callback URL? As far as I know you can change this any time without affecting earlier registrations. If the callback URL can not resolve the login/register methods simply won’t work.

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Right. Fix the callback url.