"Reply as linked topic" in date stamp pop-up menu?

Continuing the discussion from Allow quoting from locked topics:

Isn’t the new (and better) terminology for this “Reply as linked topic”? Shouldn’t that be reflected here (i.e. “Reply as linked topic” instead of “+ New Topic”)?

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I am mixed here I kind of like + Linked Topic , + Reply as Linked Topic is too long. @codinghorror do you think this is worth changing?

Yes, that would make sense.

I … don’t agree. The core action is creating a new topic here. Yes you could add even more words to make it clearer, but they won’t fit.

It seems reasonable that one would assume this topic is related (e.g. linked) to the current topic based on the way you’re initiating it.

It is a power user function so I don’t think being super explanatory here is really warranted.


I remember we have already discussed extensively about the term to use here . Moreover we already have a text that explain it