"Reply to this reply" button does not show "replying to" banner in reply

EDIT: Not a bug…looks like it’s a configuration issue.

This is a problem that we are seeing over at JustinGuitar Community


Best explained graphically, I think…

It only seems to happen when you are the first person to reply,. Seems to work OK when you are replying to someone farther up thread.

Not sure what version we are using (I’m just a user, but it’s my understanding that the Justin devs are swamped right now, so I’m trying to help out by reporting the bug directly).

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Maybe it is configured that way? There are settings to suppress these indicators if posts are above/below each other


I suspect you are correct. Looks like “Supress reply directly above” is turned on.

This has caused confusion for many users (including me!)

Thanks - I’ll pass this on to the devs.


Maybe you are interested why this is turned on by default


I am, actually. And if you have the time and inclination to indulge me further…

(Although I’m not sure that Jeff’s comment that “most replies are to the one directly above” is correct - at least over at JustinGuitar.)

So, if this is turned on, a lot of metadata is created behind the scenes, and requires more storage and processing?

And is there additional clutter in the user interface as well?

And if the devs turn on this option, will all hell break loose? Just guessing here - a big rebuild of the message store, and a massive increase in storage requirements?

Appreciate your insights…

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Not at all. The reply metadata is always stored regardless of these site settings, they’ll only change the user interface.