Request new features for Discourse

Got a great idea for a Discourse feature? Great! You should tell us all about it. But before you do…

Make sure your feature isn’t already made or planned

If your feature suggestion is already listed you should support it by Liking it and replying with any additional ideas or use cases that can help further communicate the usefulness of the feature.

Can’t find any mention of your idea? Okay then, just one more thing before you share it:

Not all features are suitable for core.

With that in mind, you are good to go!

Type up your idea and add it to the Features section

Need some guidance on how to write a great feature request? Naturally, there’s a Stack Exchange article for that:

Rewrite specific to Discourse Meta still pending.

Want to ensure your feature gets made?

If you’re not able to develop a feature yourself, there are still a couple other ways you can influence the likeliness of a feature being made:

Become a customer

Paying customers of get some preferential treatment when it comes to feature requests.

Enterprise customers may request custom features to be made (usually in the form of a plugin) by the core team at an hourly rate.

Sponsor a “pr-welcome” task

We’ve got a comprehensive list of #pr-welcome topics. These are tasks that we’d love to see completed, but don’t currently have the bandwidth to work on ourselves. If you’d like to sponsor development for one such task, please contact us and we’ll help coordinate the work.

Offer paid work on the Marketplace

If there’s a plugin you need made that’s critical to your business, you could advertise a paid assignment on the Marketplace. Be sure to post as many details as you can including screenshots and budget. You might also find some freelancers advertising standardised microservices in our Marketplace, like “one-time install” or “personalized theme”.