Restrict invite link to more than one email?

When using the invite link it’s possible to restrict the invitation to one specific email. I don’t know if it’s possible to add more than one email (at least when I’m trying now, I can see that it only allows one email).

Would it be possible to use one invitation link and restrict it to a list of email addresses rather than one? This is important because we are inviting a list of people to private groups dedicated for practice and only want those in the list to be able to use the invitation link.

If this feature becomes possible, it will also help with requesting another feature which is to be able to grant badges only to those who use the invitation link but only if their email is added to the list. I know there’s a way to ‘bulk award’ but we want those who use the link to be awarded.


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I think that you just need to create an invite for each user (which is how things worked before it was possible to create a link that dad not tied to an email address). I think you can do them in bulk with a csv, but haven’t looked at invites in a while.


Thanks @pfaffman!

Yes, great reminder that we can use a CSV for bulk invite (and it’s good that emails are restricted) but this means only one custom email message will be sent; however, we would like to use the custom invite link so that we can add the link in the different email campaigns that we send. Which also means one invitation link per email is not helpful in a large campaign.

If one invite link can be used to a group of emails then the difference in the process is that they will have to enter their email address and if the email address is found in the group the process continues, account created, user added to group, and then redirected to topic post (if email is not found in the group, then the invitation work doesn’t work).