Multiple Use Invite Links For All!

Continuing the discussion… Multiple Use Invite Links

I believe that the multiple user invites should be branched out to all users (those who can create invites, member +).

Currently, only staff members can invite users via an invite link without the need for email addresses, however I see more benefit with it being branched out to all. I feel it’s a bit restrictive as of now and only really benefits staff who are mass inviting, why can’t all users have this advantage?

Right now, non-staff users have to invite others by knowing the email address of the individual. This takes time to gather the email/s and then invite, whereas with the link, you can just generate a link with specific number of invites and timeframe and it will count towards your invited users.

On a forum I moderate, we are seeing users manually entering the email addresses to invite lots of people. Today, we had a user invite quite a number of new people, however this is time consuming when entering everything manually and gathering their email. An instant invite link provides a faster experience and no need to enter hundreds of email addresses. They can just sign up via the link and the invite will be tracked to the original referrer. Platforms like Discord are using this method and it proves really effective.

I feel this very beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Inviters won’t need to collect and enter lots of email addresses
  • Faster invite process and saves time if mass inviting
  • These links can easily be shared in social media sites, blogs, videos, emails etc
  • You can easily set a number of users for the link to be valid for and not to exceed
  • Invites are still tied to your account, they are just linked with an instant invite link

Let me know your thoughts! I think it’s a great track to a faster, more effective invite process.


If you want them to, then an admin can create the link and share it with those users that should be able to send the link.


Yeah, I see what you mean. But I’m talking about linking the invite to the specific user. If we did it that way as suggested, the invite would be linked to the admin account who created and not the user… so it wouldn’t count towards their invites. At least that’s what I’ve seen. We would want to track invites per user rather than a master link from the admin.


I think it would make more sense if this was both a staff and user feature or at least have a site setting to determine this.

For example something like this


I’ll add my name to the list of people who would like this feature to be available to all users.

Our users can freely invite people by email address and we see no reason not to allow them to invite via a custom link too.

You could even add a setting that allowed people to set a TL level for this feature, defaulting to TL4.

The problem there is that the person who created the link then gets the credit (badges, etc) for the users who join. Rather than the person doing the actual legwork and inviting people.