Retort - a reaction-style plugin for Discourse

Sorry, I meant in Discourse’s safe mode - which is available here:

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Oh sorry, missed the Discourse safe mode.

  • If I disable all plug-ins there is no way of using the emojis.
  • If I disable the theme, yes, it’s happening as well.

cc @gdpelican this has been moved here from the main support channel.

Has anyone else mentioned this already?

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I don’t know if you noticed :point_up_2: because it was moved here from another support channel…



Hey @Fabby :slight_smile: I’m currently maintaining the plugin for James.

I’ve added Retort to the plugins you can submit a bug report for here: Bug Report. If you submit one there I’ll automatically get assigned to it and resolve it relatively quickly (within a week most likely).

I’ve made a bug report for this one, and after a bit of work (this one was actually a little tricky!), I think I’ve resolved it. If you could update and let me know how you go in the bug topic.


I’ll be notifying my Moderators / Admins as I’m just a TL4 over on and:

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Hey guys, please check out the shiny new Discourse Reactions. I’ll keep maintaining this plugin as-is for some time, but please make the transition to that plugin when you can. If there are features Retort has that Reactions doesn’t, please raise them in that topic and we’ll see about working that out.


Is or will there be any way to move existing Retort reactions to the new Discourse Reactions plugin?

I don’t want to lose the history of Retort reactions, but we also would not want both plugins running at once… and it does seem the new one is superior (will be more supported and more readily shows who reacted)


This is an interesting problem.

@Ahmed_Gagan can you add to your list building a rake task for migrating retort to discourse reactions, bottom of your list though after all the other stuff you have going.


Sure, ill take a look


Just a heads up that I started and mostly completed a migration script earlier today.

@Ahmed_Gagan I’ll run it by you when it’s done if that works.


Sure, that would help alot😊


Unfortunately, the official plugin cannot be a full replacement. It’s missing the ability to post multiple reactions!

This is a major loss to the utility of reactions. For this reason, I sure hope Retort will be maintained for now. I wish I had the capacity to do it myself, but all I can do is invite anyone else who could do it to consider making a fork of the official plugin that uses the updated code and UI improvements but adapts them to multiple-reactions (perhaps call it “multi-reaction”).

For now, Retort works. I’m disappointed that the new plugin didn’t embrace the multiple-reactions approach from the beginning.


I’ve installed the 2 plugins at the same time (retort and reactions), as I plan to use the first for “reactions” really, and the second one for some kind of “rating” of posts. Seems to work fine. We’ll see after a bit more testing.

I sure also hope retort stays maintained !

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so the options are limit to 1 or unlimited? is it possible to set a specific limit, i.e. 3?

could a specific trust level be required to have more emojis available to them than a smaller default set of emojis for new users?

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With Retort, it’s flexible. One person can post multiple reactions to a post. And since it is separate, you can “like” independently.

With the new Discourse-Reactions plugin, one account may only react in a single way at all. You can’t even “like” and also mark another reaction. If you use another, it replaces the “like” (or whatever other initial reaction was marked)

EDIT: if you are asking about the choices for which emoji are available, I think Retort has option to be limited or to allow anything, and maybe the new Discourse-Reactions requires specifying a limited set?


I’ve written a migration script and created an admin UI to migrate retorts to reactions. It’s on this branch. The UI looks like this

I need some advice to finish it off.

It’s possible that a user could have both liked and “retorted” on a post. In the migration, I’m going to preference retorts over likes in this scenario. However the ReactionManager.toggle! access protections do not allow this.

Would it be possible to add a “force” option for migrations? Or could you suggest another approach? I could attempt a manual handling, however Discourse Reactions has some interesting stuff going on with “shadow likes” which I’m not entirely sure I understand fully.

Considering you’re not thinking of adding the ability to have multiple reactions on a post, if a user has multiple retorts I’ll preference the user’s first retort.

Also in light of that, I’ll maintain this plugin as is for the foreseeable future, as that’s a substantive difference. The migration will still be useful to a plurality of users I think though.


Although we won’t transfer for this reason, I imagine some people might appreciate our specific example use case for multiple reactions:

At we specifically changed “like” to “appreciate” (editing the text throughout). Appreciation indicates less agreement and more acknowledgement that a post added value. Most cases where people marked retorts, they also “appreciated” the post. The “appreciation” is more high-level and is a “thank you for posting this” and used more often than people might otherwise “like” something. The Retorts are then used to express specific feelings and reactions.

This has felt so good within our community (which is still small as we’re not fully a launched platform still, but it may grow much bigger after we finally get launched). It really feels missing everywhere else. I have felt encouraged to “like” posts that I feel have value elsewhere at least, it’s the right direction. I previously felt hesitant to “like” a post that I didn’t agree with.

Just thought this perspective might be appreciated by other Retort users considering whether to migrate etc.


I think users are more sophisticated. They know ‘Like’ can have several connotations and there will be different reasons why someone likes a post.

On a general vanilla Discourse, experienced users at least will surely use Like as an indication of appreciation on a regular basis and also interpret that it can mean only that.

I personally don’t think it needs to be that explicit nor distinguished but if you disagree, this is definitely the plugin to resolve that, notwithstanding other use cases and the obvious fun of it :+1:


Well, my point was that “like” can indeed be treated as “appreciate” as we made more explicit — but that means there’s significant value in marking that separately from other reactions. So Retort is indeed the way to go in order to have both like/appreciate and other reactions.

For adapting “like” to “appreciate”, we used the New like icon component and did the text editing. Although I think that’s valuable, my point was just that this makes more explicit one existing-anyway reason that multiple reactions should be valued.


I see your point more clearly now. Yes :sweat_smile: :+1:

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