Retort - a reaction-style plugin for Discourse

(Stephen Chung) #208

@gdpelican, since the standard EmojiPicker base class already has this functionality built-in, but working on an element with the class emoji-picker-modal, maybe it is simpler just to put this class on the RetortEmojiPicker to make it work instead of having to do its own click handling and closing logic.

That probably would make it less prone to breaking in the future…

(Dave McClure) #209

Do reactions count as “likes” or are they completely separate? Has there been any thought given to that? I’m starting to feel some demand from our users to diversify the reactions they can make beyond the like button.

(Stephen Chung) #210

This is a plugin and so I suppose it is separate from Like which is a core feature.

(James Kiesel) #211

They are stored and presented completely separately from likes. Are there features around likes that you’d want to see transferred over to reactions?

(Dave McClure) #212

Mainly I’d like to see the reactions included in the scoring for top posts

(Hannah Jane Lister) #213

I’m wondering if you plan to in the future add the ability to restrict where people can react based on category.

I want to prevent users from posting reactions on announcements, etc.

(James Kiesel) #214

I’ve just implemented this and pushed to the latest master branch; let me know how you get on with it?

(Hannah Jane Lister) #215

Sweet, I’ll quickly rebuild to apply my updates, etc and let you know how it goes. :slight_smile:

(Hannah Jane Lister) #216

I’ve added the following categories to the disabled setting for your plugin in the following format:

Information|Announcements|Policies|Release Notes

I don’t think this had any affect. You’re free to test if you want, the site is


(James Kiesel) #217

Sorry, have a go at making those category names lower case. I’ll push a fix in a few to make them case insensitive.

(Hannah Jane Lister) #218

Yes, that worked. :slight_smile: Very much appreciated!


This is cool. Thanks! I’ll have to play around with it on ours and see.

In a similar vein as this, how about restricting some reactions (or giving certain reactions) to only certain user levels or mod/staff/admin/etc.? There are so many times I want to react with a :woman_facepalming: to someone but I don’t necessarily want the rest of the members to be able to use (read: abuse) it. This seems a little more difficult to implement. :thinking:

(Dave McClure) #220

I think that’s a slippery slope. Model the behavior you want to encourage and allow others to do the same :slight_smile:. If you don’t want others doing it, it may be best not to allow yourself to do it either.


Now why’d you have to go and be all reasonable? :stuck_out_tongue: For the record (so I don’t look like a total jerk for suggesting it), I was thinking about it for all the times people pick on me in friendly jest as the moderator for our forum and not because I want to go around face-palming all the…lovely…people. Of course, you’re absolutely right. I almost didn’t post for that reason. Do unto others and all that ridiculously responsible stuff. :wink:

Never mind, @gdpelican. Apologies. :pray:

(Dave McClure) #222

You could also try out turning on :facepalm: and modelling the behvaior you hope to see from others using it :wink: Maybe it’d be a net positive? (And if not, what happens if you later rescind that emoji from the allowed set?)

(Hannah Jane Lister) #223

After using the latest plugin for some time, I’m really enjoying the ability to be able to organise the forum more by limiting the reactions to specific sections such as removing the ability to react on announcements so things are more organized.

The only issues I’ve noticed recently are when you’ve got categories with the same name, there’s no way to differentiate between the two same named categories.

My suggested solution would be to apply the setting per category though the category settings menu to be able to enable or disable reactions - similar to the vote plugin essentially.

Other than that slight issue, it’s working fine and I very much appreciate the help and support given by the plugin author. :ok_hand:

(Stephen Chung) #224

Why would you have two categories with the same name?

(Hannah Jane Lister) #225

I tend to separate some of my main sections into sub sections which contain platform names.


The reactions are no longer showing up in PMs. Did something change? I could have sworn they were there before. :thinking:

(James Kiesel) #227

Thanks for the report; this has been fixed in the latest.