Review each other's forum

A bit new here, but already running my own forum with Discourse with my own theme.
I was wondering if there is a special platform for reviewing each other’s forum so the more experienced users could review and share their wisdom with the novices?
In that way, the community would grow, less bugs, more features and so on.
Is there something like this? Is it common to do this here?


Not that I am aware, but what I do to learn about other sites and what they do is to click on the tag of the user here and the better ones will include a link to their Discourse site. Not as simple as nice list, but you do get ideas just by looking. Also many of the sites are free to sign up and use, so you could always private message them for how they did it.


There might be something like that on The Admin Zone, although I don’t think its a “rate my site” thing. Not something I’d be interested in personally. I think they have a showcase thing?

I find them very helpful for administrative discussions.

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I feel satisfy from my forum at this point. I think I have all the needed features but I just wondered if its common here to share their websites here in order to get feedback. That’s ok if it is not :slight_smile:
If someone has some willing and time to look at my forum and give me some point I’ll be more than glad (please PM me in private).

@Heather_Dudley I could not find a Discourse section though :octopus:

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Yeah, Discourse doesn’t have a large market share over there. There’s a thread in forum software => other I think. I do my discourse-specific discussions here.

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There used to be a topic with a list of Discourse forums that were submitted by users. That was closed but you can find other lists e.g.:

The Admin Zone is not very useful for finding Discourse users because most of its users have a distinct focus on LAMP applications (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP). All the forum software that isn’t relegated to their Other category is LAMP-based.


Some forums are private (as is the one I’m the Admin of). But there are many forums that are posted haphazardly throughout some of the topics here. I’d imagine many of them are posted in categories such as “Support,” “Hosting,” and others. But that is a good idea about having a forum list for those who want to have others visit… and critic and/or get ideas. Why not start a new topic in this category? “Forum Ideas” would be a good title.

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Here you go: 1500+ Examples of Online Brand Communities | FeverBee


Thanks Hawk. @Zususu, check out the link above. This is what you want.

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