/review/settings options not saving after a page refresh


I have a feeling that this is a bug unless it is based off this setting reviewable default visibility which I don’t think it is.

If you go to https://your-site-url/review/settings the default is set to low


To Reproduce problem:

  1. Change the option to High or Medium for example and press Save Changes
  2. Refresh the page and the options will all be on Low

Expected result: When you press ‘Save Changes’ the options chosen save

Actual Result: After pressing ‘Save Changes’ and refreshing the page options don’t save


I can reproduce this on my local dev site and on my hosted site. After updating the Reviewable Priorities from the review/settings page and then refreshing the page, none of the changes are saved.

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This has recently regressed. We clone the review settings but use the original when trying to save them. I made a PR to fix it:



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