RFE for Footnote Plugin: allow in code blocks

It would be nice to be able to do this:

Hi! To solve your problems, you need to run these commands:

$ sudo mv /etc/whatever.conf /etc/whatever.conf.bak [^1]
$ sudo whatever genconfig [^2]
$ sudo systemctl restart whatever [^3]

[^1]: Back up old config file
[^2]: This command is part of the `whatever` package, and will write a clean config file
[^3]: need to restart the service to pick up the new configuration

This would be super useful because one can in this way explain inline while making the explanation clearly separate from the commands to type.

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Understood, it is a bit tricky but doable I guess.

Usually I use code comments for stuff like this:

# move stuff  
sudo mv /from /to

Yeah, that’s what I’ve done too, but I guarantee that someone will ignore the # and type move stuff, and also, someone else will think “oh, that # means I need to run move stuff as root”.

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In my opinion, the engineering effort to cover that edge case is not justified by the very small number of people who will be foolish enough to do that.

Okay, fair enough. :slight_smile:

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