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I have noticed that there is support for a /latest.rss, as well as a /category.rss, but I cannot find any support for a /category/latest.rss. Being in different slack channels, it would be super nice if we could just show the latest feed from a particular category. If this exists, plz enlighten me! Thanks much.

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Hi mbasnight, welcome to the forum

Do you have an example of where ...category.rss is not already ordered by latest?



I inspected the /latest.rss and I guess I am looking for something different then what it is showing. What I would like to see is a latest reply to a post, via an RSS feed. We use a github integration in slack to do the same thing. It shows the replies to all of our issues, as well as the post themselves. I guess its less of a “show me the ordered posts and their replies” and more of a “show me all the ordered replies in this category”. Hope that makes sense.

So what I am saying is that you are totally right, /category.rss, is ordered, by post. Is the ordered reply thing something that exists today?

Each topic has its own RSS eg.
RSS feed for category + latest

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Yes but that would require me to add every topic manually to the RSS feature in slack. If there were a way to effectively give me this, but for all posts within a category, then I would just have to listen to that single RSS feed to see activity as it happens (posts + replies).


So in other words, you want to replicate the post stream for all topics in a category?

I fail to see any benefit doing this, even if possible.

Can you explain further?

What you are saying is correct. So, the reason we want this is because we watch the stream of all posts (and replies) in a channel in slack so we can see activity. This gives us the ability to respond via clicking a link in slack, rather than checking our email every few hours and then responding. Its more real time since we are a distributed team always on slack. And its hard to see replies from our customers in slack, asking for helpdesk support, because we only see initial posts in category.rss, rather than all activity.


This is a feature I would have a use for too. In my use case it would be to display posts from a few categories that are open to the whole organisation on our staff resource site. Whilst keeping the categories that are of no interest to them hidden from the feed.

So what you’re actually asking for is /c/foo/posts.rss .


What is the difference between posts.rss and latest.rss ? I would like to see just the newest discussion, not the entire post re-posted every time. For instance, if someone posts a reply to a multiple month old post (like this one), I would like to see just this message, not the post itself come up on the rss feed.

Agree with @mbasnight and @Lee_Porte. I think this feature would be super useful to have. We are all on slack and we want to help the community on discourse. Seeing the conversation in near-realtime would totally help here.

It looks like you are using the word “post” when you mean “topic”. I can’t really understand what you wrote? I’m confused.

apologies for having bad vocab WRT this. I totally meant to say topic this entire time.

Let me give an example of what I would like to see. Two topics in a madeup foo category exist. if I only had one category I could use /latest.rss to see the ordered responses/replies to these two topics. But since I have many categories, I cannot use /latest.rss to see just what is in my category. The feature that I would like to see is effectively a /c/foo/latest.rss, so I can get the chronological order of what is going on with all topics in a single given category.

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You missed my previous post?

Currently {category name}.rss

returns the first posts of “latest” topics i.e. the topics in order of activity.

To get the recent posts of a topic you need to go to
{topic id}.rss


I could not find links that worked. is what you mean by {category name}/latest.rss correct?

(by the way that link does not work…)

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Thanks. I’m getting ready to go to the primary polls to vote and not giving my posts adequate focus.
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I’m wondering how you envision this working.

That is, how many posts in how many topics would you include?

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I hope you have yourself a super tuesday, har har har.

I do not know exactly how to answer your question. But I can offer suggestion via example. If you look at how google groups does RSS, it is a “newest reply” based feed. I am sure my example will change by the time others look at this, so I just suggest that you check out the correlation between the topics in [1], which is displayed exactly like this topic is displayed, oldest post first and a thread to the newest, versus [2], which is the exact opposite. It shows the newest replies to a post on top, so you are always getting the newest items in the feed as you subscribe to it.

As for exact numbers, maybe thats best done via configuration in the URL like [2].

[1] Google Groups

This is exactly what I’m looking for, but it simply doesn’t work. It just returns 404.
Has the feature been implemented yet?

The format is actually:


So for example in this category:

If you check the source for any category you will see the three RSS feeds linked there, for posts, latest and category-specific posts.

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That URL returns the feed of topics of a specific category. I’m looking for the feed of posts of a specific category (including subcategories).