S3 assets folder, is a cleanup needed?

I’m using Scaleway object storage for nearly 2 years now, almost flawlessly, but for the first time S3_upload has timed out during the last rebuild, network issue? maybe… worked the second time, but it made me looked inside the bucket and I was surprised to see the assets piling up:

Am I missing something ? (beside the fact that, full disclosure :sweat_smile:, I don’t have any cdn configured, this is a tiny tiny tiiiiny instance)

Should I rename the assets folder before a rebuild and if everything goes as planned, delete it ?

Scaleway S3 was having issues earlier

Although if there’s a lot of old asset files, deleting the old ones may save you a few cents in storage costs, but I wouldn’t consider that to be worth spending the time to remove the old ones.


I am using Object Storage for Uploads (S3 & Clones) and it used to be that I deleted the assets folder and run rebuild uploaded only the latest, current files again. But as you write you can rename the assets folder and run a rebuild to check everything works fine. After it creates and upload the new files you can delete the old assets folder.

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