Sam's Simple Theme

The topic list preview plugin caused some issue. After uninstalling it, it works. Even disabling it didn’t help.

@sam how can I translate the theme’s parts? I didn’t find the entries in site_texts


Oh, not yet, I need to restructure a bit for that


the topic list in the Spotify community, is very similar to the Sam’s personal minimal topic list, and even much more minimal. The comment icon next to the number of replies makes it more consistent, as well.

added it here for inspiration.


Bit different approach. I had few hours last night and jumped into Discourse theming. This is just a simple design.

I might continue and fix few things…I see today there are too many colors…like like hipster style, but in general would like to have a forum design that fits small/startup businesses so less forumish looking :slight_smile:


That amazing? Any plans to make it public? :slight_smile:


To be honest I doubt that this will ever come to life. I am full time UX designer now so I have no time for developing anymore. However, I do have tendency to design forums when I have free time :slight_smile:


@sam any chance the replies column will make a comeback? at least as a theme option. :slight_smile:

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@webinsane, i understand you don’t want to commit to further development, but can what you’ve done so far be shared? It really looks clean/awesome!


I am afraid part of this being “personal” is that it is my prefs… so I think best you can do here is just fork it and make your own theme. I don’t mean to be mean hear, but I want to avoid options on my personal theme.


If I do such a modification, will be be overwritten by future updates?

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@sam Is it intended that for topics made from URLs the external link is hidden in topic list view? In my case they are not displayed on home page for this topic:

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@Joshua_Kogan Sorry for the late reply. I think there was a misunderstanding as this is just a draft design. No actual code behind it. If there is interest I can continue designing and open source the Figma file to a possible developer(s).

That said there is lots of work left:

  1. Style guides
  2. Components
  3. Topic view
  4. Profile pages
  5. Category view
  6. and more

Even thou it looks minimal Discourse is a complex beast :slight_smile:

Sorry @sam I should have opened my own personal minimal theme topic :blush:


Thanks for the great theme :slight_smile:

Is there any way to add ability to translate “Replies”/“Last Post”? For now I just changed it in the code, but as I understand it’s not recommended because the changes will be lost if the theme updates.


@sam really like this theme, but wondering if there’s something I can change on my end to make it work well with the dark colour palette?

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Yeah, I am also interested in this, just asked a similar question here:


There is now, I just made it localizable and pushed a fix.


I have a similar issue where by default the theme looks like this in Dark Mode (via this switcher):

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the avatar of the last user replied, is not shown in this theme anymore:

I wonder if it’s by intention or it’s a simple bug. either case, in my opinion, the theme was more beautiful with the avatars.

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It’s a little bug, it will be fixed soon.

If you want to fix it until then, you just need to edit the theme and in the Desktop > Header part, change the code with this

((edited, upgrade the component now))

You’ll still be able to upgrade the theme after this change


Thanks bookmarked and set a reminder for Monday

EDIT: fix is merged thanks @Steven!

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