Search for categories in the composer (not English)

If you go into the category and choose - create a topic, but make a mistake from the categories, and to change it (via search) this function does not work, because the search does not search for categories (not English).


In the upper menu, the categories are searched.


Search by tags works everywhere.


But do not become active links.


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You have two # for tags. It should only be one.

I don’t understand this? Everywhere I see the category dropdown it is capable of searching categories.

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In Russian? Maybe it does not work for the Russian language.

Regarding the tag, I beg your pardon, mistake with the photo. Tags do not work in Russian similarly.


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I think it’s already fixed as per the commit UX: search all categories even if category-chooser is scoped to parti… · discourse/discourse@a8ff4a8 · GitHub. And the issue is not limited to the non-english categories.


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