Search Icon can appear outside drop-downs

(Sarah) #1

Repro Steps:

  1. go to ( I have the “material design theme” enabled)
  2. click the ‘all tags’ button
    2a. toggle the button multiple times
    Notice the search icon fly in from the side
  3. click on the search icon
    Notice the search icon has now moved off the menu

This bug isn’t just for the tags menu. I noticed it in my own discourse in the drop-down in a custom made group. I’m assuming the issue is either the drop-down component or the search icon itself.

Expected Behavior:
The icon stays inside the dropdown at all times.

(Sarah) #2

width: auto;

from class
.select-kit.combo-box .select-kit-filter .filter-input

in file
combo-box.scss (line 27)

Seems to do the trick

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Sure maybe you can look at this @Johani if the fix is all CSS.

(Joe) #5

Fixed via:

Thank you for reporting the bug @sarahann

(Joe) #6