Search results page displays topics title that I cannot click

Since last update (today) ,when I search a keyword, a page with search results is displayed but topics titles are not clickable (Firefox)

Can you replicate that here on Meta? I’ve just tested myself and it seems to be working okay.

I cannot replicate here, I have two Discourse sites, happens only on one of them, clearly caused by the update today. Tested on various computers/browser, the cause is the site it self. My two sites use the same plugins/components.

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Did you try with another browser? Does it work on others?

Is there any error in your browser JS console?

Did you try in safe mode? If it works with safe mode enabled then you can pinpoint the faulty theme/component/plugin by disabling them one by one.

Can you link your forum here so we can see the issue ourselves?

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Interesting, yes it works in safe mode. This is my site:

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Yeah, the results links won’t open the corresponding topic on Chrome Android too.

Can’t say more since I’m in bed :nerd_face:, but then it’s probably a theme/component issue.


Thanks for your help, I will investigate… Tomorrow :grinning:

Could be an issue with Topic List Previews (which it seems you are using?). I’ll see if I can replicate. Do you have the capability of installing the sidecar plugin that goes with it? It may relate to the thumbnail support I added to the search results which should not be effected if you do not install the plugin and perform as normal. But might be a breaking change. I’ll look at it today.

Update: repro’d, investigating

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This is resolved, it was caused by evolution of core and breaking changes.

Please update TLP and confirm.

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Thank you @merefield

I am not very familiar with Discourse inner working… :roll_eyes:

Could you tell me what I have to do to solve the problem? Do I have to update that Topic list plugin or reinstall my Discourse?

Thank you !

Nowhere near as disruptive as having to re-install Discourse :slight_smile:

Just update Topic List Previews Theme Component within Settings → Customize.

In that list of Theme Components you should see TLP

Check for updates manually using the supplied button:

And follow the instructions.

Note if that checkbox is checked, it will also update if you upgrade Discourse.

See more here: Install a theme or theme component

btw If you are managing your own install you could also consider installing the Topic List Previews Sidecar plugin (see the OP of the linked Topic) for extra functionality.


Thank you so much ! All is in order now ! :hugs:

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