Search sort not working?

I closed a post a few minutes ago:

Then I tried to find it by searching for closed posts, sorted by Latest Post:

The latest post it finds is 2 days ago. I know there are a bunch of posts that were created and closed more recently. Sorting by Latest Topic didn’t do any better:

Am I doing something wrong or not understanding how it’s supposed to work?

The topic “Home Position Shortcut” is hidden (cf. the crossed :eye:) so it won’t show up in search.

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So there’s no way for an admin/mod to search for an unlisted topic?

You can search for unlisted adding ?status=unlisted to your site URL,


Very strange results. If I go to this URL, I get nothing:

However, if I then click “Latest”, I get pages of results of hidden topics, even though the URL now says “

Also, if I do a search for “status:unlisted”, I get nothing.

I supposed going to Wyze Community then clicking Latest is a workaround, but pretty clunky.

Something here does seem amiss.

@Dax Do you know what’s going on here?

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Oh yes, the correct URL to use is Obviously you must be logged in to the site as an admin to view the results.