Seeking help getting Email notifications to work when a new topic has been added to specific categories

For future searchers, here’s what we ended up doing:

  1. Set default email level to “always” and apply the change to your users. (This could be annoying for some people, so you might want to tell people about the change. It’s also something people can opt-out of.)
  2. For the groups of people who you want to get the email, go to Manage => Categories. If you want everyone, I believe you can use the Trust L0 group: /g/trust_level_0/manage/categories. Then select the categories for them to be “Watching First Post”. That should send them an email when a new topic is posted. (This is also a setting people can change if they want.)

“Tracked” or “Watched” might be better options, depending on the nature of the category. “Watching First Post” is the minimum to make sure people get an email.