Seems to be an anomaly between Daily Views and User Visits

For example we consistently have a not really believable high ratio of Page Views per User Visit.

Average of about 90 Page Views per user. Crawlers make up about 20-30% of those.

Anyway we can have a deeper insight as to the Page Views please?

Greeting DGForum,

I think a user is someone who is registered on your site. In most open communities, users are generally a fraction, less than 10% of visitors.

So on the 22nd of August, you had 2785 pageviews, only a fraction of that is from your 30 registered users who visited that day. The remaining should be from visitors and crawlers.

Did you check the graph ?

That said, when I calculate the ratio, we still have something like one user visit is to 50 pageviews.

Maybe the real question will be how pageviews are calculated.

I hope that helps.

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Thank-you, that does help.

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