Selecting emoji on mobile unpins reply box

When replying to a post on mobile (when the keyboard is visible), the rest of the topic is hidden behind the reply box. However, when you select an emoji after typing a colon (not from the editor menu bar) it “unpins” the reply box, revealing the posts behind it. This also causes the reply box to jump a bit. I believe this bug is relatively recent, but I can’t say when it started happening.

I am using an iPhone 8, still on the latest 12.x version (not 13) and I’m using Safari.


Cc @pmusaraj to look at


I’ll take a look at this next week, but right off the bat, we have made some changes to the composer in iOS and we are using the Visual Viewport API which is only supported in iOS 13. It’s possible this emoji regression only applies to iOS 12.


I could reproduce this for both iOS 12 and 13 when invoking the emoji after typing a colon and hitting the “more…” button to select other emojis. I posted a fix that should fix the issue, i.e. keep the composer expanded while you are selecting an emoji.

Thanks for the bug report @seanblue


Thanks for reopening. I’m still seeing this issue for both selecting emojis and mentioning users on latest iOS 13.


Wait … it only closes temporarily, after you select the emoji it pops back up, no?

It happens when I type colon followed by whatever emoji text and hit enter. When I do that the composer becomes detached and I have to tap the composer to make it full screen again.


Confirmed! We can sort that out!

@pmusaraj do you have time to have a quick look at this? If not let me know and we can re-assign this. It is not urgent by any means but would be a nice little quality of life fix.


Yes, I can take a look soon.