Send admin account email to different email

I’m setting up an instance and the admin account and the mail is going to a mailgun email that can’t receive mail. How can I make the admin account send the confirmation mail to a different email?

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As long as Mailgun is receiving the email, you can set up forwarding in Mailgun’s admin panel.

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I’m a bit new to mailgun, could you show me where I could set that up? I’m on a plan where I get a few thousand emails a month and not much else.

The simple way is to make a new admin, remove admin rights from the first admin, then change the address, then make them admin again. You should have two admin accounts for this reason.

There are topics about adding an admin from the command line Create Admin Account from Console.

You could also change that admin email address from the rails console.


Thats great, thank you!

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