How do I verify access my Mailjet inbox to click on the admin verification link?

So I finished discourse/ at main · discourse/discourse · GitHub until step 7. I can access the site. When I try step 8, I register the admin account but when it asks for me to confirm my email I don’t know how since my admin email is, how do I open its inbox?? I added as one of the sender emails on mailjet already but still doesnt work, please help, thank you.

It looks like your domain’s mail exchanger records currently point to Namecheap. If you do not already have a mailbox there, perhaps you can configure forwarding to get your emails in one of your existing email accounts.

Thank you for your help, this works BUT to an extent only. I can now use an alt gmail account to send to and would receive that email in my main inbox after setting up a catch-all in namecheap.

However, I STILL can not receive the verification email from discourse. I tried discourse-doctor, the mail was sent successfully and the telnet test is successful, but I still can’t find the verification email even in spam inbox.

Please help, I can provide any extra information needed

Your admin account normally uses a ‘regular’ email account, eg gmail, yahoo, just like any other regular user account. Use that for password resets, email notifications and account verification of your admin user. Do not confuse that with site email contacts for third parties. That’s a special domain specific email address and is not usually used to manage a specific user account. Perhaps you can do it, but that’s kind of over complicating things, more fragile and is unnecessary.

Even when I use my account it still doesnt deliver

Have you validated your domain fully with Mailjet by adding the appropriate DNS records? (see Mailjet documentation) Have you opened the appropriate ports on your server? Sometimes SMTP ports are blocked until you validate your VPS service provider account with your government provided ID. (a measure to discourage spammers from jumping between services)

Yes, both SPF and DKIM records are correctly added. I used the ports that Mailjet specified (25 or 587 but I use 587 because they said 25 is sometimes blocked)

587 is often also blocked. Check with your VPS providers support team. There may be a GUI for the fire wall rules if you are lucky.

Sorry for being an idiot, I solved this by changing the discourse notification and admin email to my personal gmail

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