Send email notifications for small actions

I had a request from a Teams customer about notifications and email. They are using Teams primarily as a Q&A platform in their company, where employees can ask questions of their tech team. Because all employees otherwise don’t log in regularly, they’d like to be able to rely on email notifications to know when their question has been assigned, marked solved and then closed. These are all “small actions” that currently only trigger an onsite notification, and not an email.


I know this is entirely not appropriate (a disaster even!) for the vast majority of sites, but for sites like these I think it makes sense. Would it be possible to add a site setting and user preference to turn up the noise on email notifications about topics the user started, e.g.

Email me for small actions on topics I create.

Here is my answer for how to deal with how it works now, which the customer replied to say does not work well for them because the people asking questions do not want to stay logged in.

If you are watching a topic, you will receive notification emails when there is new activity. However, small-actions like assigning or closing only trigger a notification onsite and do not get sent by email. So you will want to log in still and check your notifications to see what’s been going on with your watched topics.

My approach to this is to just keep the site open in a browser tab when I am at work. I will then be alerted via browser notifications and the number indicated in the browser tab title when there is some activity for me to look at.

I had a follow-up exchange with the customer, and the feature request is actually more specific and is specific to the Discourse Assign and Discourse Solved (Accepted answer plugin) plugins. What they need is for the OP to be notified when there is activity related to these two plugins, e.g. it has been assigned/unassigned/reassigned and a reply has been selected as the solution. Just getting the emails about replies is not enough because there may be multiple replies until one reply is chosen as the solution.


@manojm321: a colleague alerted me to the site setting below, which I believe fixes half your problem. Can you give it a shot?

/admin/site_settings/category/plugins?filter=assign%20mail ? 

This is already set to “Only if assigner and assignee are different users”.

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