Sending invite link to FB messenger automatically logins

Action : Create invite via profile page, choose create link, copy link, paste into facebook messenger conversation.
Expected behavior : After the link is clicked and some confirmation is given by the invitee, an account is created and a notification is sent to the inviter saying the invite was accepted.
Actual behavior: As soon as the message appears as sent (not seen), a notification appears on discourse saying the corresponding user accepted the invite.

Not sure if bug, but it is certainly weird.

Discourse version: v1.8.0.beta1 +3

Some automated / scanning process is visiting the link when you post it there.

@techapj we should make sure javascript checks are in place for invites, so a command line curl retrieval command doesn’t trigger them at least.


Okay, added a confirmation button to accept invite:


I tested it too, it works!