"Sent from my xPhone" auto-removal from replies sent by email

Those who answer by email often cause messages to have a suffix phrase like this:

Sent from my iPhone
Sent from my Samsung Galaxy

and so on…

Is there a way to enter all such phrases in admin panel and let the engine auto-remove them?

NB. The phrases can be in different languages.

Going necro on this one - is there any progress on this? This is getting a problem on our Discourse instance, too.

Or another approach to automatically determine signatures?

Automatic, :laughing:

There is this, they spent three years building it

The dataset consisted of 2912 email lines. Out of 1030 signature lines 954 were classified correctly. Out of 1882 non-signature lines 147 were mistaken for signature. Overall it gives us 92% success rate and 78% area under the ROC curve. Which could be regarded as excellent and fair correspondingly.

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