Separate TL2/3 Post Edit Time Limits

In our settings, we have these Post Edit Time Limits:

The 2nd one says “A tl2 author can edit…”. It appears that this setting is also affecting our TL3 users, contrary to the implication of the wording.

We would like to give our TL3 users greater freedom while still restricting TL2 users. Is there any way to do that.

If nothing else, the wording of this setting should be changed to “A tl2 or tl3 author can edit…”

It is implied, but yes we can improve the copy to

“a trust level 2 or higher author can…”

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I understand, thank you.

I changed this to

A tl2+ author can edit


can the setting be for tl3+ rather than tl2+ @codinghorror? as there’s not so much difference between tl2 and tl1 in their credit; while tl3 are the real trustworthy users of a forum.

No, this is not planned.

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