Server errors in 2.5.0.beta3

Our users report that they can’t read one one thread on our forums.
It can be read when they logout from account, but when they login it shows errors.

What happens if they view it via /safe-mode/?

Incognito mode (Chrome) works just fine.

Can you link to the topic ? Can you see this topic, everyone has this issue or just a subset of users ? Anything specific in this topic ? poll? dates? images? charts ?

Also @Stephen didn’t ask for incognito mode but for safe mode: How to use Discourse Safe Mode

Although, the fact that it works in incognito mode, tells us that it must be some theme/plugin relying on a session being active.

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There is more than just Ember, I see two red lines mentioning a server error (500).
I suspect the Ember issue might be a symptom and not the actual issue.


Confirmed… my recommendation here is … uninstall all unofficial plugins and rebuild. Bisect to find the problem plugin and report it as a #plugin:broken-plugin

look at for clues.

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