Set up Slack notifications using the discourse-chat-integration plugin

Thanks for the guide!

Like an earlier poster, I’m hitting these errors:

/discourse failed with the error "dispatch_failed"


What might I be missing? I double checked the information that I’ve pasted screenshots of below.

Are there debug logs available for this? I checked Error Logs in Admin, and also sudo ./launcher logs app.

Please let me know what additional info I can provide to help debug this. Thank you!

Oauth scopes:

Slash command params

Verification & Oauth tokens


Interactivity settings


@stanislaw after you first asked and David responded, I implemented threaded replies, with David’s advice.

That topic shows how to configure it.


@Brad_Wood your suggestions and question sound interesting, so I don’t want them to get lost.

Would you mind moving the first 2 as a new topic in #feature and tag it #chat-integration, then moving your question to #support a d tag it #chat-integration too?

This would make it easier to follow/track and not get lost here.

I would have moved the post to a new topic for you, but seeing as you have feature requests and a question in the single post, I’d have to edit and create something new to move it, and I don’t want to do that.


@osioke I have created two new topics as you requested, however it appears I don’t have permissions to add tags.

If you could help me tag these posts or let me know how to tag them, I would appreciate the assistance.

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Hi, I was running into this same issue (after following the steps exactly).

The thing that I was missing was enabling the top level chat integration plugin:

Enabling this got the integration to work as expected.


@ililic Thank you! That was it. :man_facepalming:

(Would be good to explicitly add this to the top-level instructions! @david)

Good idea :+1: I added it to the first step in the OP here: