Setting discourse evrytime you open putty?

Hi Expert, everytime I open Putty, discourse ask for configuration initial data.
Like email’s admin, and smtp mail and so on,
how can turn it of?


Did you use the official Discourse install method or some other one, like the troublesome and unsupported Bitnami one?

I had use official method, the one you have provide to digital ocean.
let me show you.

That’s not our official install method, that’s something Digital Ocean put together. It’s not entirely terrible, but it does have its… quirks, like you’re finding. You’d be best off asking Digital Ocean support what’s going on. I believe hitting Ctrl-C will drop you out of the questionnaire, but I’ve never tried it myself.


so, its better to start from scratch, and follow your official method?
tell me and I will start again

Yes, the official way is better. If you have a forum with content already, then you should back it up first, to restore on the new install.