Setting individuals preferences and Trust Levels

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I am new to Discourse, have watched the 3 part video blog by Jono but he didn’t cover a couple of elements.

My first query is, can the admins change the individual preference options that users see / choose from when they set their own preferences?

For example can we remove, every 30 minutes and every 6 months as options?

In addition, can we change the Trust levels to not have certain features that they currently have and can we restrict our users to have a top Trust Level of 2 or 3?

With many thanks in advance

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Not easily. You’d rather people just turn off notifications than get them twice a year? You’re worried about mail costs?

Level 4 is not automatically awarded. You can change the settings so that it’s impossible to achieve level 3.

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Thank you for the prompt reply!

We want to reduce the options because we had planned to get members to set their preferences in their portal (outside of Discourse) which would then pull through into Discourse - and we want to offer the same options as our other notifications (ie news and update preferences from our website/mailing system).

In addition, our members will be joining lots of categories which we also want them to be able to select the frequency of notifications.

For example, category 1 - they might have an interest in but only want to receive a weekly digest but they work in category 2 and want to see notices after every post or maybe just once a day.

Thank you for the information on Trust levels - that’s really useful and I’m sure we’ll be using that.

Best wishes

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