Setting Up Discourse using Gmail SMTP Settings

I recently created a droplet for discourse but is possible setup using my personal gmail account SMTP Settings and not use the email of my domain for which I created the droplet

It is difficult, at the very least, and a violation of their terms of service. There are some topics about using the paid-for Google mail (whatever it’s called this week).

Using something like mailgun (or similar) is what’s recommended. If you can figure out how to switch to the pay-as-you-go plan, it’s free for under something like 1K messages/month.

Hey @pfaffman we have a google workspace could it be possible to to setup discourse with a google workshop account and not use Mailgun.

I don’t know, but last I looked, it looked like Google wouldn’t let you talk to their smtp servers.

It’s not something that I would choose to spend my time on.

Yes you could, I had done that initially but ran into a problem very quickly. Note that gmail limits the number of emails sent to about 500 in a 24 hour rolling period. Discourse sends out a What you missed Summary emails to all users once a week or so. So when you hit about 500 users or more then you run into an issue where gmail will block discourse from sending any more emails.

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you could try a app password

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