Several questions about management right

First of all, we want to require authentication on certain subjects, is it possible to do that? Some topics will be open to everyone and others, people will have to register. Also, in some topics, we want to be the only one to post, people will only be able to reply and read the content, is it possible to do that?

When authentication is required to write a message and we (Collaboration Capital) deny a person’s message, does that person receive a denial message?

Is it possible to import more than 5,000 contacts? Can we customize the registration email? Can we assign a trust level to a person invited by us?

Is it possible to remove trust levels, but what will be the consequences of this? Will we still be able to moderate messages?

Can we create several topics in a single subject? For example, we want to create a Transactions topic and in this one we would like to make several topics: positions, counterparties, …
Is it possible to do this?

How can we include a person in a category?
Thank you for your help

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Hello Camille, welcome here! This is quite a long list of questions, our search bar up there would be very helpful to make it easier for you and other members so no one is overwhelmed trying to help out :wink:

That said, let me see how best I can help.

Sure, see: How to use category security settings to create private categories. If you want some extra customisations to list out topics that are for registered members only, see: Category Previews

They are shown a modal/message to sign up/register but I wouldn’t term that a denial

Yes, see: Sending Bulk User Invites

Yes, go to Admin > Customize > Email and select the email type you want to edit in the drop down

Yes, see the default invitee trust level site setting. This can also be set if you are using an external authentication or SSO provider for registrations and logins.

Off the top of my head, I do not think this is possible without a custom plugin, and if you want to go this route, spam will be a big issue and moderation will become a lot harder for large sites. You should/may still be able moderate, but I haven’t seen this request before, so I cannot speak to it and what would happen afterwards.

I am not sure I understand what you mean by Topics, but what you described can be achieved using Tags. See: It’s Time We Talked About Tags and Tags: category restrictions, tag groups, relationships

This is answered in the first topic I linked to.


Hi Camille, you might require an adjustment of perspective toward some problems, for instance

To remove them? not easily, but you can set a parameter in order to let everyone stay a very very very long time in TL1, so from the perspective of your users, there is no TL.
I have found the rights management of discourse to be very well thought and surprisingly versatile.


Put another way, what problem are you trying to solve by removing trust levels?