Should "log out" be prominent in the UI?

Same with me.

Reminds me of the pathetic sites that use target = _blank and "are you sure? pop–ups in a desperate attempt to keep visitors at their site.

I personally am happy with this as on my site I have a header that provides the logout. It’s nice to not see this functionality duplicated anymore.

But that isn’t a fair comparison, as you could technically hide the second link in the Profile with a CSS rule. Either way, you are still providing easy access to Logout.

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They’re not trying to hide it, they just don’t want to encourage it. Being logged out is bad thing as it adds a barrier to entry whenever they return to the site, but there are good reasons to logout if you’re on a public system. Other than that though, I can’t see a use-case for ever wanting logged out on a site I frequent.

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Sure - I agree with you there. I agree that in principle logout should be easy to find on any website, esp dealing with sensitive content.

I deal alot with people in Africa who use cybercafes or otherwise are not on a secure computer - sometimes I think we get lazy and decadent, forgetting the conditions others in the big bad world out there have to deal with.

(he says working horizontally in bed at noon with his laptop on his lap, coffee at the ready…)

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Hardly. It’s not in your face, yet it’s still easy. I’ve literally never logged out by accident.

Also - why has Preferences gone from the user menu too?! That should definitely be back there.

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Keyboard shortcuts might be best for log out since it seems to be a power user feature anyway.

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Not in my community - the power users never have to log out. It’s the people who are using it from cybercafes who need to be guided easily to the logout button - or who need to be reminded to be careful if they are logging in using an insecure computer.

Enom does this quite nicely, IIRC. Though the helper text is a little different than I was expecting. Seems it should always use SSL.

This may be plugin territory and overkill, but a user setting to allow people to set a short session time for security purposes might be suitable. E.g. “never log me out” vs “log me out automatically after x hours.”

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As a mouse-challenged user, rather than a power user, I would very much like a keyboard shortcut for this, although I think there should also be an easy-to-find link for non-keyboarders.

(Next challenge - keyboard accessibility on the admin pages…)

This is why private mode/incognito tabs exist. Your session is destroyed when you close the tab or window. Regardless of where the logout button ends up, it sounds like your personal use case would benefit from a slight tweak to your workflow.

Not when you work on a locked down workstation. Explain to me why Discourse doesn’t need to put Logout in a menu like every other website out there?

We encourage you to login, but then make it hard for you to logout? Explain that to a user. “Sorry, we appreciate that you joined and logged in, but now we don’t want to ever let you go.” Any site that tries to force that much control over me, won’t keep me around at all.

And what about the Discourse instances around Healthcare, or other sensitive topics? Should they not be permitted to have an easy way to logout to ensure even at home, their apartment, or wherever that their accounts are not easily accessible to others? Surely they shouldn’t have to always use Incognito mode.

Keep in mind, I don’t like the title of this topic. I don’t want it to be prominent, I just want it accessible. No other site makes it prominent (that I frequently visit)

Likewise, I’d have thought, moderators and admins on any site don’t want other folk easily accessing their accounts.

The above doesn’t make any sense. You’re suggesting you work in an industry that handles sensitive data on locked down workstation that are themselves insecure?

I’ve worked across several industries in the past decade, three of which handled data on patients, minors and official secrets. All three were actively involved in influencing browser vendors to implement said browser modes. Yes, in part it was so that staff could access resources in a secure fashion without being issued with laptops and VPN tokens. In fact it’s part of the staff guidelines for most NHS trusts in the UK.

It sounds more like you’ve a desktop design problem, assuming that the workstation itself is going to be insecure, than an issue with Discourse.

It’s one thing to ask for a button to be made more prominent, quite another to beat your chest and suggest users will be driven away because it’s not where you would like to see it.

Surely using browser incognito mode is more of a “power user” thing than simply logging out? My 75-year-old computer novice friend is well-capable of logging in and out of accounts, but I doubt she’s ever heard of private mode/incognito tabs.

While it may be safe to assume that most users at Meta are fairly competent computer users, it’s not safe to assume that members of any other forum will be - especially if that forum deals with a non-technical topic.

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Read my statement again, I do not want it to be prominent. I just don’t want to go searching for it through countless screens. It should simply be a regular link in a menu (like everywhere else)

Didn’t you write this 25 minutes ago?

If not then someone else is accessing your Discourse account from your compromised workstation. :wink:

Do you see an edit icon? No. So yes, yes I did :smile:

Doubtful, as I’ll at least clear all history and cookies, etc. So it won’t be logged anymore, or any other site I frequently visit. So your bad decision has repercussions across other sites I use and thus I’m now even less likely to deal with said site ever again.

Stackoverflow even permits you to logout through a menu (and yes, I created an account simply to prove it does it too)

@cpradio your title edit was incorrect, since you can log out via the UI by visiting your profile page and clicking Log Out any time. What you are objecting to is literally one extra click. So yes, you do in fact want it to be more prominent,

Since this is a power user feature, I think adding a keyboard shortcut is best. Average users just don’t need to explicitly log out very often. And if they do, it is literally two clicks. (I guess technically three, since the first click is to expand the panel.) Count them if you don’t believe me.

Logging out via keyboard is zero clicks.

Not really, as I specifically stated “in the menu”, which has been my statement all along. Prominent was used by @sam to reflect big and red and a button, none of which I asked for (every site I visit has the ability to access logout from any page… I feel like I’ve crossed into a strange dimension here).

The forthcoming log out keyboard shortcut will meet your needs, you can log out instantly with a few keys any time. Or can you please explain to me why it will not meet your needs?