Show Banner text in topics when user cannot reply

At the moment, there is a Category setting which enables a banner for users who can view but not add topics to a Category:


On our sites we have a couple of visible Categories which do not allow replies or adding topics. Users get confused by this when they read a topic but there is no Reply button and they don’t understand why.

Could the above setting be modified to result in the banner also applying to topics where the user cannot reply as well? This would keep it nice and tight and not expand the already quite large Category Settings menu. I’m thinking:

Banner text when user cannot create or reply to a topic in this category: _____

Or alternatively have a second banner setting (as sometimes the text might need to be different) such as:

Banner text when user cannot reply to a topic in this category: ______


Echoing this request from @nathankershaw.
I just came across the same concern. I have a category I wanted to pause all content creation in for a few days (Permission setting: Everyone can see) and used the setting to create the banner. Not having the banner at the top of topics one might wish to reply to still leaves a lot of room for confusion.

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