Showing "signup cta" quickly

I can see my “signup cta”, but it seems that it will be shown after about 5 minutes.
How can I change this “5 minutes” to “0 minutes”?


Now it seems that I can see signup CTA as soon as I open any page.
So, there is no problem at all now.

However, I have tested this under incognito mode.
I have not seen signup CTA without incognito mode.

What is the reason that I haven’t seen signup CTA without incognito mode?

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Perhaps you dismissed it?

We don’t show the signup cta by default because sites that prompt you to sign up on your very first page-view are annoying. We only show it if the user has expressed some interest in your site.

The requirements are as follows:

  1. the user must have a total reading time of at least 2 minutes

ANON_PROMPT_READ_TIME is defined here

  1. the user must view more than two topics on your site

ANON_TOPIC_IDS is defined here

Once those requirements are met, the cta will be shown, otherwise, it won’t.


I see. Now I understand how singnup cta is shown. Thanks!