Where to control when the Signup CTA shows?

I do not understand how the signup cta works. Sometimes I see it when logged out other times do not. I want it to show on the first visit of the user. Is there a setting I can change?

I don’t know what exactly you mean by “show on the first visit”, but Discourse has two related settings.

If you mean “show cta upon initial site loading” there is
Admin -> Settings -> Login - login required

Require authentication to read content on this site, disallow anonymous access.

If you mean “show cta during site visit session” there is
Admin -> Settings -> Login - enable signup cta

Show a notice to returning anonymous users prompting them to sign up for an account.


I would like to keep the site open without login required to read. And want to show singup cta to any visitor reading, any post on the first visit itself. I don’t see this happening. The signup cta seems to show after a visitor makes 2 or 3 repeat visits. So am wondering is there a way to show the signup cta on the first visit itself?

It should work on the first visit after reading a few topics.
Well, not the modal.
It’s a highlighted content block after the last posts above Suggested

Also, I forgot to include a third. When someone that isn’t logged in clicks Reply they’ll get the Create / Log In modal.

Don’t log in and try both for yourself to see what happens.

Thanks for posting this @Mittineague. I understand how it works.

Now a lot of my forum links get shared on social media with just one post. And visitors are coming in, reading that one post, do not see this highlighted content and go away.

What am asking for is how do I fine tune the N number of posts to read as 1 so all first-time visitors, reading just one topic, with one post can see this?

It’s not possible to adjust these values currently.

They are hard coded here:

And used here:

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Translation, 2 minutes of read time across 2 different topics. These thresholds are quite low.

I would definitely support a PR that made those adjustable, though they are already so low…