How can we show all our tags without a click (or tap)?

We are exploring ways, either with an out of the box functionality or with a plugin or script, to show all our tags without having to choose from a drop down or going to /tags.

We imagine a tag cloud which would show the amount of times a tag is used be represented by the size of the tag word or use a heat map to reflect same - on our home page.

My research in this forum and beyond has not yet surfaced any ready made solutions, conversations and/or others with similar desires. I may have missed something. I would love to learn more about what’s possible.

Is a tag cloud possible? If so, how?
Is there any interest for this visual and functional element out there?
Has anyone implemented this and willing to share about it and how to create?


These theme components could helpful for you.


I found this too:


Yeah, I think only my component is a ‘cloud’?

if someone wants to fund the work, or PR, we can:

  1. add the option of showing the cloud on the Homepage (at the top?) (in addition to the tag page).
  2. make it responsive to width
  3. create a dedicated Topic for it here on meta :wink:

Ah, drat, 1 & 2 are done … plus some more … darn my addiction to writing stuff for discourse … :wink: