"Sign In" vs. "Log Out"

Continuing the discussion from Icons. Icons everywhere:

Why is the this button called Log Out when the opposite button is called Sign In?


Good point, I will fix that later tonight.

Consensus seems to be Sign In was slightly better:


but “sign in” is marginally more friendly and probably the preferred usage, though I’ll miss the nautical association

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There’s also “You need to log in to see that topic.” when a non-authenticated user tries to access a thread that they don’t have permission to see.

(The reason this happens is because there seems to be a bug in the /categories view that lists all topics in subcategories for anonymous users, even if that subcategory is private/restricted to a group. I’ll post a separate bug for that shortly.)

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OK, those are now fixed in latest. If you find any more let me know.

Updated to discourse (eedb0df) but still seeing the “Log Out” button. Even tried a completely new session (incognito mode) but no change. Am I missing a step?

Not the right revision

Takes a while for the smoke test passed build to appear.

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That worked. Thanks.

Kind of an expectation mis-alignment on the update perhaps. If I click on the revision link when an update is available, I look at the most recent commit (which was your 288a3199f98d2a0e6e71c36f519a1c884af5c824) and assume that’s what I’ll get. In theory I should/could pay closer attention to the commit numbers but you know how humans are. :confused:

Updating so quickly is probably an edge case anyway.

It’s because of the “tests-passed” branch - basically, there’s a test to make sure that the browser at least renders something - and docker_manager pulls from there.

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