Signature delimiter isn't working as expected for email

We’ve been using the standard usenet signature delimiter and it’s been working well, but I was informed last night that it’s also catching other things. My understanding is that it follows the signature rule from RFC 3676. As Wikipedia has it:

should be delimited from the body of the message by a single line consisting of exactly two hyphens, followed by a space, followed by the end of line

Last night one of my users sent me a message saying that this was also getting caught and stripped out the message he was trying to foward into the community:

---------- Forwarded message ----------

While having the components of the signature delimiter It seems like it’s ignoring the rest of the line and just catching the end. I’m assuming there isn’t some way to modify the signature myself to either be something different or make the catch more exact?

If you want to enable support for forwarded messages, you can enable the related site setting.

I’m not sure I follow. Email is working fine for us, it’s just this particular case where the signature stripper is removing the entire message because of a line that is similar to the usenet signature. It’s not a user signature that’s causing this issue, it’s something his client is adding to the text that’s causing the problem. Are you saying the beta forward email to start a topic won’t have this issue?

Turning on the beta feature seems to be working, but the time stamps are wrong on the original message:

  1. Send a message to myself at my corporate Gmail account from the same account using Mac mail.
  2. From the Gmail web interface send that email to the community.
  3. Messages show up and threaded (which is awesome) but the original message says it’s been up for 7h even though both mails occurred in under a minute.

Thanks for the pointer and the help.