Simple Unread List Plugin (discourse-simple-unread)

(David Taylor) #1

This plugin adds another option to the top menu site setting, which gives you a new tab labelled “Unseen”. It is an exact replica of the “Latest” tab, but only shows the unread topics.

It has the same live-update functionality as the built-in pages:

There is a button to mark all topics in the list as “read”:

There are no site settings to enable/disable this plugin. You simply install it, then add “Unseen” to your top menu site setting.

“Unseen” is not a great title, but it needed to be something different to “Unread”. On my forum, we have renamed the existing “Unread” page to “Tracked”, and then renamed “Unseen” to “Unread”.

How is this different from the existing new/unread tabs?