Site not building after 2.3.0 beta 5

I opened an issue earlier, but unfortunately it was closed before it was resolved:

The issue is that the new Discourse version does not resolve unless Discourse-solved plugin is disabled. I found the error:

StandardError (Attempting to access a non preloaded custom field, this is disallowed to prevent N+1 queries.)
/var/www/discourse/app/models/concerns/has_custom_fields.rb:158:in `

Here is the link to the rest of the error log (let me know if I am endangering my site by showing this…I could not find anything that looked sensitive, but then again I am not a hacker)

Did you get latest and rebuild as requested?


To my knowledge, yes.

Any idea here @vinothkannans?

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I have rebuilt, cleaned, updated, upgraded, rebuilt, cleaned, enabled, dis-enabled…I’m not sure if there is another command I can run to tune up my install.

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I completely rebuilt the site 5 minutes ago and additionally installed it again on the computer (with the Discourse-solved plug-in). Strange, but I have no errors, everything works (in both cases). As I wrote earlier, I cannot repeat the mistake. (

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I will disable every plugin, except the solved plugin and report back in 10 minutes.

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I am in the middle of a rebuild, but it occurred to me that one thing I have not tried is to disable/remove the theme (Material Design Stock Theme). I suppose I can try that as well since that is another variable unique to my install.

Hooray, the rebuild worked with only the solved plugin and docker manager plugin. I will enable each plugin, one by one, and rebuild in between. I will then report back.

It looks like it broke again after I enabled the discourse-locations plugin. The only three plugins enabled now are docker manager, solved, and locations.


So file an issue on that plugin, it is third party.


Will do…thank you! Problem solved. I really appreciate your patience with me on this. Thanks again.


Yes, the issue is coming from the “discourse-locations” plugin. But this is related to the recent changes in solved plugin to prevent N+1 queries. Currently locations plugin also having the N+1 issue. I will make a proper way to include category custom fields in site serializer. Then @angus have to change the locations plugin code according to that.